Cut and color, or spring bulb order?

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I’ve been a terrible blogger. Not one post since July at least. Wowie wow wow. First, some excuses.

Excuse #1 – Four children home from school for 10 weeks this summer, three boys among them. Which leads me to a little story. I thought, last summer, when Philadelphia received a nice sprinkling of rain just about everyday and average temps were in the 80s, that I was a fabulous gardener. Every little last perennial, annual, bulb and weed thrived under my loving care. This summer, not so much. No rain, temperatures in the 90s daily. Everything in my garden is nice and crispy and barely hanging on.

To make the connection, I my first child was a girl. I thought I was a FABULOUS parent. She sat and colored for hours, we worked on puzzles, we read books, she played dress up. Life was full, but peaceful. And quiet. Then I had three boys in 4 years. Life is full and loud, so very loud. If they’re not yelling at each other, then I’m yelling at them. Stop hitting your brother. Stop pulling that giant cabinet down on yourself. Stop using that tomato stake as a light saber to hit your brother. Stop breaking my house. And for the love of pete, would you please STOP YELLING? Fabulous parent? Fabulous gardener? Let’s call it doing the best I can.

Excuse #2 My hard drive is full. Multiple photos of multiple flowers taken multiple times a week add up. The last time I downloaded my photos from my camera, we almost had a serious computer emergency. While blogging is a fun and worthwhile pursuit, it is not the only task performed by this old Dell laptop. It watches Glee on Hulu, it checks the baseball standings daily, it cranks out monthly book reports, and oh, it handles all the books for my family’s company. I know an external hard drive would solve all my problems, but honestly, who has the time?

Excuse #3 – Life in of doors. After 4 years of living in my house and hating most of the rooms (tired-looking cream colored paint everywhere, 1950s wood paneling, crumbling stone foundation walls in the basement, etc. etc), I have decided to take action. Kids are back in school, I have some room to breath, the crispy flowers are not inspiring right at the moment. By golly, I’m going to paint something. Unfortunately, when you decide to paint a child’s room, that child and all his worldly possession need somewhere else to stay. After two weeks of a homeless 6 year old living in my bedroom and messing with my stuff, I dedicate every free moment to that darn room.

Which brings me to my original question. The time has come to deal with the unpleasant amount of gray that surreptitiously appeared sometime during the last 5 years. The time has also come to beef up my bulb collection. This is the time to do it – I know this is the time. If I order those snow drops and winter aconite NOW, I will be a much happier person come March. The new patio is dying for some daffodils, and I will not be complaining about too many hyacinths. But boy, it would be nice to look in the mirror without a fright every morning. Thus the question: Big bill at the salon, or big bill at the mail-order bulb store??

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10 responses to “Cut and color, or spring bulb order?

  1. Welcome back! It sounds like you have had a busy, busy summer.
    I say big bill for the bulbs, a one time purchase, that will give you years of enjoyment. I have an order for 1,000 crocus tommasinianus in, hoping for a big splash in the spring.
    Just don’t look in the mirror!

  2. Glad to see you back! I have a love-hate relationship with painting. Love it, right up until I start painting the ceiling. Hate painting ceilings…but love it when it’s all finished. As for spring, my vote…bulbs. They’ll give you much more joy over a longer period, and overall, are more bang for the buck. The daffodils at least should multiply themselves over the years. Besides, every time I hit the salon, my hair looks great…right up until I put my hat on, and head back out to the garden. Maybe order a new hat along with your bulbs? 😛

    • Ceilings are from hell. Definitely. I like the hat idea! I think that with Deborah’s suggestion about no mirrors could make a dent in my identity issues. I’m leaning towards daffs and tulips from home depot and some super early bloomers via online sources.

  3. I am so glad to see you back after a tough summer! I hope by the time you read this you have ordered spring bulbs. There is nothing like them to cheer up the garden and the gardener. Pam x

    • Hi Pam – thanks for the note. I know that in March when i COULD have early spring blooms that I will be so happy with my garden, especially since the color job will surely have faded by then. Torn, still.

  4. so much to do, so little time, huh?!

    I would vote for big bill at salon, and medium-sized bill at a discount place – using a good coupon for at least free shipping.

  5. Oh how I remember the hectic days of parenting (I only had two, but they were boys, and as you know the noise and chaos escalates exponentially with each male offspring). But here is the thing: they grow up and go away and life gets very, very quiet and the garden gets lots and lots of attention. And they come home, view your glorious garden efforts and ask “what have you been doing to keep busy Mom?”

    Treasure these days! Happy bulb planting.

    • Hi Laurrie – i’m hoping that they’ll catch the gardening bug – even though they show absolutely no interest now, my guess is they’ll get somewhere without a garden and miss it terribly. I think that’s what happened to me. But – the question remains, do I want them to remember their youngish, gray mom in the garden, or their youngish fabulous brunette of a mom in the garden? I’ve booked my appointment for next week.

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